Meal times are a time for children to relax and refuel and we aim to offer a calm, relaxing atmosphere. We have a dining room that is used for breakfast, lunch & tea time and children from ladybird and busybee room join up at these times. When doing this the younger children are being role modelled to through the older children and learning important skills like how to empty your plate and how to pour yourself drinks. Younger children are also being exposed to the language used by older children which is vital for their own communication and language skills.

We encourage all the children in the dining room to set the table, get their own cutlery, self serve food, pour drinks, empty plates and clear tables. These are very valuable skills that can be carried on at home and important for when they start school.

We dim the lighting and play classical music during lunch time to create the desired atmosphere and we also close the nursery at this time (Between 11.45-12.30). There will be no-one available to answer the door or the telephone as we dedicate our time to the children, giving them the time and attention they deserve.

We have attached a copy of our recent mnu below:

Autumn - Winter 2022

Should your child have any dietry requirements such as allergies or intolerances please know that we are happy to adapt our menu to meet these needs.







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