Extra Activities

Our unique curriculum is devised to be flexible and allow us to explore new opportunitites. Some of the opportunitites we provide are outlined below.


We provide opportunities to extend children's learning with visits in both the local and wider community. This helps to enrich the curriculum with first hand experience.

We take the children for:
  • Local walks
  • Picnics in the park
  • Library visits
  • Trips to local shops

We are based within a thriving community, which we love to explore. The staff frequently plan opportunities to build upon and extend childrens interests, learning and development. 

Secret Reader

Parents/ Carers are encouraged to join us in our story time sessions. They bring a book in from home and share it with the children.

This provides the following:-

Children are able to gain confidence around new people
Story time increases children's love of stories and books
Parents/Carers can spend time observing their own children
Secret reader can also support parents/carers special time with their own children
Secret reader supports us to enage the children in activities
Secret reader is exciting for the children and staff
Secret reader supports the development of communication, language and literacy

Stay and play opportunities

We are excited to introduce stay and play sessions for our parents/carers. This allows parents/carers to observe what their children do in nursery, how they interact with other children and the staff. The sessions also allow the parents/ carers to discuss activities and opportunities they can try at home to support their childrens development.

The sessions will be small in a relaxed environment where parents/carers can feel comfortable in joining in and having some fun.








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